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Karlstad Shipping is a privately owned forwarding company, since 1996, which prides itself on its good service and high standards. In a time, a world and a business where mergers and acquisitions are common, Karlstad sees the potential in being independent.

We appeal to companies that want individual attention rather than be treated like a number. Do you prefer to be transferred to several departments before you get the answer you are looking for? Do you want to get in touch with us call or send an email, to transport@karlstad.no

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Our business concept. Karlstad Shipping AS offers, through cooperation with strong international agents, competent suppliers, skilled and committed employees.

Importing and exporting companies services related to freight forwarding such as; international transports, warehousing and customs clearances.

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What We can do for you


Road transport

Efficiently transporting goods over land using our dedicated fleet. Reliable, cost-effective, tailored solutions for diverse cargo needs.


Custom clearance

Streamlining import/export processes with expert knowledge. Ensuring swift, compliant, and hassle-free clearance for your shipments.



Navigating global waters with precision. Offering reliable, cost-effective ocean transport for bulk and specialized cargo.



Ensuring rapid global deliveries. Providing fast, secure, and efficient air transport for your time-sensitive cargo.


Bounded warehouse

Offering secure storage within customs-controlled areas. Facilitating duty deferment, ensuring goods remain in pristine condition.


Container trucking

Specialized transport for containerized goods. Ensuring timely, safe deliveries with our dedicated fleet and experienced drivers.


3. parts logistics

Streamlining your supply chain. Expertly managing warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment for seamless operations.


Purchase order management

Orchestrating your orders with precision. Streamlining procurement to delivery, ensuring timely and accurate fulfillment.


Contact Info
for Karlstad Shipping

Karlstad Shipping AS,
Kveldroveien 3,
NO-1407 Vinterbro, Norway,

Telephone, Europe Dept +47-9478 5671
Telephone, Oversea Dept +47-9478 3118
E-Mail transport@karlstad.no
Monday – Friday : 08:00hrs – 16:00hrs

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